29. Talk It Out: Overcoming Intergenerational Trauma with Minaa B.

In this week’s new episode of The Big Silence, the inspiring and informed Minaa B joins us from the last semblance of summer in New York City to talk about her therapy journey, grieving a loved one, her advanced perspective on trauma, and burnout.

She specializes in anxiety and depression, an understanding that’s informed by her own experience with self-harm as a teen. We talk about the harsh environment she faced as a young person, challenged by cultural differences as her family gained footing in America after emigrating from Panama. We swap mother/daughter dynamics to illustrate shared experiences, and more importantly, a shared resolve to help others avoid our suffering.

Zooming out from the past, we also spend some time in the present. Even as the panic of the pandemic has cooled, the psychological impact of the work-from-home model remains a serious one. Minaa points out how the extended isolation impacts our brains, and how lacking something as simple as a morning routine can uproot a person’s sense of order. 


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