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The Big Silence memoir by Karena Dawn

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The Big Silence: a Daughter's Memoir of Mental Illness and Healing by Karena Dawn

"Karena's revealing memoir demonstrates how one can truly create a new journey with renewed sense of identity, hope and optimism." —DEEPAK CHOPRA

"Karena’s new book is about transformation. As she struggles to cope with her mother’s mental illness, Karena learns it’s not about being perfect, but about striving each day to learn, accept and forgive. It’s about using tools like physical movement and meditation that will improve the quality of your life. That is transformation.” —JILLIAN MICHAELS

“In honest and beautiful prose, Karena writes about confronting her struggles with bravery and courage, removing the stigma of mental illness and paving the way for others seeking empathy and acceptance.” —JEWEL

About the Book

Quiet your mind, and the silence will help you hear your inner voice—the one that says, “Stay strong enough to forgive, to heal, and to have hope.”

In her stirring, vulnerable new memoir, Karena Dawn reveals what it was like to grow up with a mother suffering from severe mental health issues, and how, during her teenage years, she desperately tried to escape her own inner demons. Addicted to pain-numbing drugs and crippled by severe depression, Karena learned how to use grief as a teacher, releasing herself from guilt and shame and finding the inner strength to go from abandonment to forgiveness, from hopelessness to healing. 

Karena’s bold and brave memoir shows us how staying silent about mental illness only reinforces the stigma. At the heart of her story is the eternal struggle we all share—how to move past the pain and suffering of our personal battles to experience life’s joys. Through the healing power of nature, meditation, and fitness, Karena was able to forge a path to self-discovery and find peace.  Ultimately, The Big Silence reveals how a journey of self-love can lead to a renewed sense of identity and a life filled with hope and optimism.