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Suffering in silence only reinforces the stigma surrounding mental health issues and creates barriers that prevent healing.”

We raise awareness, promote understanding, and aim to bring together people and organizations who want to improve public attitudes towards mental health and normalize conversations surrounding mental health topics and experiences.

The Big Silence memoir by Karena Dawn

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The big silence

by Karena Dawn

$28.95 | April 26, 2022

Karena Dawn, New York Times Bestselling Author and cofounder of Tone It Up, chronicles her brutal journey from the emotionally abandoned daughter of a homeless schizophrenic mother through her teenage years as she desperately tried to escape her own inner demons. At the heart of Karena''s story is the eternal struggle we all share-reconciling our internal voice with our external voice and moving past the pain and suffering of our battles to experience life''s joys.

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The Big Silence podcast is a supportive, educational space featuring in-depth conversations with psychologists, spiritual leaders, wellness influencers, public figures, and anyone who wants to share their story in order to inspire others to do the same.

Karena shares her own journey growing up with a mentally ill mother and also dive deep into topics like coping with anxiety and depression, caring for loved ones with a mental health condition, building compassion, releasing fear, and integrating mindfulness.


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Isa Watson is the founder of Squad, an upstart tech brand that promises to use the devices in our pockets for good – for deeper connection with others. She joins the show today to talk about her mental health experience as an entrepreneur in a male-dominated space, the app and its mission, and her traumatic wakeup call – a tragic accident in which she lost her father.
Lindsey Morgan was one of the lead actors on the TV show, The 100, and the reboot of Walker, Texas Ranger. She poured her entire being into her art, but she eventually realized that she was using her work as a way to avoid processing very real trauma and damaging emotional cycles.
My guest today is Emme, a supermodel and body image advocate that’s broken down barriers in the modeling industry with her unique look and dedication to positive change. We talk about the harsh mental and emotional environment in the modeling space, how she’s coached her daughter as a model herself, and of course – healthy body image.

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