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Legendary musician and Skid Row guitarist Snake Sabo opens up about his journey through depression, anxiety, and trauma, and how he found healing through music and sharing his story.

Author, spiritual leader, and presidential candidate Marianne Williamson joins me to talk about mental health, protecting America’s youth, and how we as individuals can heal the world. 

Kimberly Van Der Beek and Peggy Rometo, co-hosts of the Bathroom Chronicles podcast, chat about nurturing female friendships, tapping into your intuitive gifts, and astrology.
Bestselling author, wellness activist, and cancer thriver – Kris Carr – opens up about coping with grief after her father’s death and nourishing her mental and physical wellness.
Tone It Up girl, teacher, and mental health advocate Katrina Surdi shares her personal journey through loss and grief, and how she found strength through life’s biggest challenges.
We explore the complexities of childhood mental health with Dr. Caroline Leaf, with insights to help children navigate their emotional journeys and foster open discussions.
Jenna Phillips Ballard has overcome depression in her teen years, a traumatic head injury, and toxic mold exposure on her way to becoming a world leader in emotional intelligence.
Singer/songwriter, MacKenzie Bourg, is a shining example of resilience, reminding us all of the power of pursuing our passions in the face of adversity.
Dr. Najwa Zebian teaches us that our experience of pain is universal. It is our approach to processing it, learning from it, and overcoming it – which determines our superpower to self-heal.
Dr. James C. Jackson, provides his informed insight into the symptoms of long COVID, how it can impact mental health, and his most trusted tools and tips for navigating a new normal.
It’s been a while since Bobby and I have gotten together for an AMA, so we’re back with a Wine Not Wednesday AMA episode!