31. Thoughts Can’t Kill: Understanding the Roots of Anxiety with Dr. Julia Britz

Joining The Big Silence, today, is Dr. Julia Britz, a licensed naturopathic doctor practicing in Las Vegas, NV, who specializes in integrative mental health. Her areas of focus include OCD, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and psychiatric medication tapering.

Her story to personal health and natural healing starts early in her childhood, as we’ve heard is so often the experience for people who’ve overcome mental health challenges. Julia describes a visceral battle with OCD, the repeated compulsions and illogical thinking that clouded her life with dread, anxiety, and panic.

She describes anxiety as stress and fear combined, as we unpack its root causes, the downstream mental and physical toll that its baseline symptoms (like dysregulated eating patterns and poor sleep) can cause, and the difference between good stress and bad stress.

Dr. Britz also shares steps to dampening the impact of anxiety on your life from honesty with self and self-love, micronutrient therapies, structured therapy practices, journaling, visualization, and so much more.

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