41. Healing Through Truth & Harnessing the Power of Storytelling with Kindra Hall

Bobby is back to help us kick off this energetic interview with keynote speaker, motivational coach, and professional storyteller, Kindra Hall. Known for her dynamic stage presence for all of the world’s top brands, she’s also the author of Stories That Stick and released Choose Your Story, Change Your Life just about a year before this episode is set to air.

Seeing herself an outcast as a child, she made her own way in the world – finding her place as a creative communicator and coach. Now a mommy of two, she aligns her learned lessons with powerful parenting tips on relatability and connectedness.

We also go deep on the power of mindset, confidence, and finding (and sharing!) your voice. As someone who had to summon a lot of courage to tell my own story, on stage and on paper, I can attest to Kindra’s lessons being legit.

She teaches us to embrace our unique gifts, the bumps in the road, the twists and turns that make you, you. It’s this kind of vulnerability that invites others in.

If you’re thinking… Don’t we all have a story? Yes, exactly! Kindra’s career has been dedicated to empowering people to share their truths, to spin negative self-talk, and to build trust with the people around them – whether they’re friends, family, potential customers, employees, their audience, or the rest of the world.




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