66. Healing After A Toxic Relationship: Finding Harmony in Self-Love with Dr. Najwa Zebian


Today, on The Big Silence, we’re joined by Dr. Najwa Zebian, renowned activist, author, speaker, and educator in the mental health and relationships space. Her multifaceted self-help audiobook, Conversations on Letting Go, is a TBS favorite – packed with real-world advice and introspective thought exercises to help people get through the hard times and enjoy the good ones. 

We cover her inspired path as an educator of young refugees, writer, and mental health advocate – dipping into existentialism, how and why we do the things we do, and set forth ways to hack the system for joy and contentment. Touching on toxic relationships, infidelity, trust, and forgiveness – we reckon with ego and wrestle with the ultimate truth of it all – that we can’t, and never will, control the actions of others. 

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