The Big Silence: A Daughter's Memoir of Mental Illness and Healing by Karena Dawn

In her stirring, vulnerable new memoir, Karena Dawn reveals what it was like to grow up with a mother suffering from severe mental health issues, and how, during her teenage years, she desperately tried to escape her own inner demons. Addicted to pain-numbing drugs and crippled by severe depression, Karena learned how to use grief as a teacher, releasing herself from guilt and shame and finding the inner strength to go from abandonment to forgiveness, from hopelessness to healing. 


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The Big Silence Merchandise

Karena loves fashion and created a stylish line to help share the message of The Big Silence. The clothing and accessories offer a point to start conversations when you wear it. The line helps to promote awareness of our mission and increase engagement for our social good campaigns. 100% of the net proceeds go towards The Big Silence Foundation and our partners.