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Let's Make Some Noise!

A message from Karena

“I experienced significant trauma throughout my life from growing up with a mother who was diagnosed with, and lived with, untreated schizophrenia and depression. As a girl, I struggled to find any resources to help with my mental health, and I attempted to end my life. In 2021 I founded The Big Silence mental health foundation in honor of my mother, and of little Karena, who needed help and couldn’t find it.”

We're committed to:

  • Helping everyone have access to mental health resources, and break the silence!
  • Impacting 3 million minds
  • Raising $3 million for change in the next year
  • Becoming the #1 global mental health movement
I’m inviting you to make a difference with us. Join us in our quest to help as many people as possible. 

A recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 9 out of 10 adults believe that America is in a mental health crisis. More than half identified mental health issues among children and teenagers as a crisis, as well as severe mental illness in adults.

What would you give to help the world move in the direction of a thriving culture that supports and values each individuals’ mental wellbeing?

What we are accomplishing

#1 Mental Health Podcast

The Big Silence Podcast

Real life conversations surrounding topics including addiction, trauma and PTSD, integrating mindfulness, freedom through acceptance, building compassion and self love, coping with anxiety and depression, nutrition, physical wellness, self-care, caring for loved ones with a mental health condition and more.

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Find Support

Mental Health Programs

Support for people in need

Therapy for All

“Thank you so much! I thought I was alone, but when I reached out, I found help! It means so much to me to know that I'm not alone going through this.” 

Therapy for All” makes 1:1 talk therapy more accessible with a robust network of mental health professionals. Nearly 6 out of 10 adults who say their mental health is only fair or poor say they have not been able to get needed care with the most common reason cited as being unable to afford the cost. Our therapy scholarships give people hope!

Programs for Youth

Strength, Mindfulness and Clarity

 inspired by Karena’s own road to healing, professional athletes and mental health experts team up with Karena to bring a message of hope and provide kids with tools and resources that have lasting impact on their lives and mental health.

Karena Dawn on the grass with a group of girls teaching mindfulness and meditation for mental health

Join In

Live Events

Bringing communities together to “make mental health cool” with thought leaders, celebrities, therapists, personal stories, workouts, live music and performances, meditation, advanced therapeutic practices, and more to help people tune into their mental health landscape and navigate their mental health needs. 

Employee Mental Health

Corporate Wellness

Mental health is a non-negotiable benefit, and with our Corporate Wellness initiative we help employers educate, attract, and retain their top talent. Together we work to change the stigma and ensure a culture of empowerment, growth, and mental wellness. 

Keynote and Panel Discussions

Speaking Out

Through speaking engagements Karena shares her own journey from hopelessness to healing, and her knowledge and expertise as a leading mental health advocate with a decade of experience through partnerships with NAMI, other organizations, schools, and educational institutions.

Karena Dawn on stage in front of a large audience speaking out for mental and physical health

Our Website and Social Media

Provide a stigma-free zone where people feel safe to reach out and find help through our resources, and have the opportunity to have their mental health questions answered by mental health professionals. 

24/7 Help

Crisis Text Line

With Crisis Text Line we save lives by providing free 24/7 access to confidential crisis help for anyone who needs it. Text HERO to 741741, for help with any emotional, behavioral, or mental health problem for completely confidential help.