Making talk therapy more accessible.

How often are applications received?

Applications are received on a rolling basis. Though you can apply at any time, scholarships are awarded on a monthly basis.


Even those whose care was covered in part by insurance reported concerns about continuing to afford it. The Big Silence strives to make resources more accessible and through "THERAPY FOR ALL" will provide support to those in financial need. 

We’re especially hoping to help people that are in mental health deserts who struggle to find any mental health care access at all.  

Can The Big Silence match me with a therapist?

While The Big Silence cannot match you with a therapist, we have put together a list of TBS connected therapists, in effort to assist you in finding the right match.

Are we required to select a therapist from The Big Silence’s approved list?

The Big Silence has created the team of mental health professionals’ database as a resource to make the search easier, but you can work with any therapist you choose, as long as they are interested in working with us through this program. 

When will grantees be notified?

Grantees are selected on a monthly basis and will be notified one (1) month in advance. 

Is there a “by-date”?

Once scholarships are awarded, grantees have 30 days to schedule their first appointment. 

Can scholarships be used for more than one therapist?

Yes, the scholarship can be used for more than one therapist. We understand that the first try may not be the perfect fit, and hope that you will not give up in your search to find the right person. 

What is the scholarship?

After the initial consultation (most therapists offer a call or consult to see if it will be a good match) we provide coverage for two appointments.




    Provides a therapy scholarship for someone in need