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Karena Dawn on the grass with a group of girls teaching mindfulness and meditation for mental health

Strength, Mindfulness and Clarity

A youth program established by The Big Silence Foundation
  • To Bring a message of hope that supports and inspires our youths mental health and wellness.
  • To provide experiences, tools, and resources that have lasting impact on the mental health and lives of young people.
  • Mindfulness and Mental Health Tools
  • Fitness Professionals, Pro Athletes, Sports Trainers
  • Fun, Community Building, Sports and Fitness Activities

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About the Program

“Strength, Mindfulness, and Clarity” is a youth program established by The Big Silence Foundation with the purpose of bringing a message of hope that supports and inspires our youth’s mental health and wellness. Through a combination of physical and athletic activity and a curriculum that emphasizes cultivating mental health, The Big Silence (TBS) will provide experiences, tools and resources that have a lasting impact on the mental health and lives of young people. The program is led and created by Karena Dawn and friends of The Big Silence, including Debbie Whitehead, TBS board member and Licensed Professional Counselor (M.Ed., LPC).  

Karena Dawn is a mental health advocate, co-founder of the leading women’s fitness and lifestyle community, Tone It Up, and New York Times best-selling author. For over a decade Dawn has used her platform and influence to inspire millions around the world through fitness, mindfulness and spiritual empowerment. 

Based on Karena’s experience and expertise as a leading mental health advocate and fitness champion, as well as knowledge and insights from licensed mental health professionals, this program takes an approach to integrate mental and physical strength, mindfulness, and clarity.


Karena experienced significant trauma throughout her life, from growing up with a mother who was diagnosed with, and lived with, untreated schizophrenia and depression. As a girl, Karena struggled to find any resources to help with her mental health, and she attempted to end her life. Eventually she overcame a dark period of depression, anxiety and substance abuse in her teens and 20s, was able to forge a path to self-discovery, build a nurturing community that has helped millions, and ultimately find peace. 

Karena is passionate about breaking the silence and ending the stigmas surrounding mental health. She shares her journey of hopelessness to healing in her memoir, The Big Silence. On her podcast, she hosts psychologists, spiritual leaders, wellness influencers, public figures and anyone who wants to share their story for in-depth and open conversations that inspire compassion and help provide guidance on important mental health topics. Karena serves on the board of advisors for NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) and has dedicated her time to helping youth to better navigate their mental wellness through programs like “Ending the Silence” and “Girls on the Run.”

Karena Dawn in the classroom teaching youth about mental health
It's my mission that no child will have to suffer in silence, like I did. - Karena Dawn

In 2021 Karena founded The Big Silence mental health foundation in honor of her mother, and of little Karena, who needed help and couldn’t find it. The Big Silence Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, believes in breaking the silence around mental health to create a thriving culture that values each individuals mental wellbeing. We raise awareness, promote understanding, and bring together people and organizations to improve public attitudes towards mental health.

Karena’s road to healing began with physical activity and lead to mental wellness. We believe that bringing youth together for physical fitness and mental health education will help lead to a thriving culture that supports and values each individuals’ mental wellbeing.


Weekly meetings bring young people together to move their bodies and learn about best practices to help them in their daily mental health. Fitness professionals, pro athletes, and sports trainers provide guidance and expertise for fun, community building, fitness activities. Karena and The Big Silence lead weekly discussions providing mental health education and useful resources centered on mindfulness and cultivating mental wellness.

Karena Dawn

Head Coach

Trey Hardee

Head Coach

Debbie Whitehead

M.Ed., LPC

Jeremy Hills

Founder of Kollective, Pro NFL Trainer

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