Celebrating World Mental Health Day

In honor of World Mental Health Day, The Big Silence boosted serotonin and shared perspectives on mental health at Slate Theory Winery in Fredericksburg.

We're so grateful to everyone single person who made the trip to show up for mental health, and to Slate Theory Winery for their support and advocacy, helping us to break the silence!

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Karena Dawn hosted the event and started off talking about empathy for all. Amber Valdez guided a group meditation on empathy and compassion, including a sound healing session and sound bath. James Nicholas Kinney spoke about mental fitness and created a group exercise to lift up voices and raise the vibrations. 

Then on Monday, October 10, TBS partnered withJewel Never Broken for a live stream of mental health talks and healing experiences, including a meditation break with Karena and Jewel. 


Karena Dawn and James Nicholas Kinney welcome the audience in The Cave at Slate Theory Winery World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day Celebration at Slate Theory Winery with The Big Silence


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