#NotAloneChallenge Helps Bring Mental Health Resources to Those in Need

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New in November 2023: View our news about the 2023 #NotAloneChallenge

Just one conversation can change a life!

The Big Silence and Karena Dawn have partnered up with iHeart Radio, Jewel, Inspiring Children Foundation and 120 other thought leaders, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and professional athletes to accept the #NotAloneChallenge. This challenge is designed to remind people they are not alone during the holidays and that “mental health is for everybody.” 

Our goal through the challenge is to raise awareness, provide free and easy to access resources, and raise funds to help provide free mental health resources to mental health deserts. No one should have to suffer in silence. The challenge will provide proven tools for mental health throughout the holiday season. 

The #NotAloneChallenge has become the largest of its kind, and the most diverse collection of advocates for mental health in history.

Workout with an NFL Pro #NotAloneChallenge auction item
An item up for auction in to support the challenge: Workout Like an NFL Pro with an NFL Pro

Along with iHeart and 120 other thought leaders, CEO’s / celebrities / athletes, we want to remind people they are not alone during the holidays, and offer a free mental fitness guide and resources for those in need. We are also raising funds through an online auction to make mental health tools available to the 50% of the country that does not have access. Find the in-depth mental fitness guide, auction, and more details about how you can get involved in the challenge at www.notalonechallenge.org

For the benefit of the challenge, those involved have offered a variety of unique and one of kind experiences.

Karena Dawn, The Big Silence, and friends of The Big Silence have an array of experiences coming available in stages through the challenge. The proceeds from these items will help fund mental health resources for those who need them!

Make sure to stay on our email list and follow along on Instagram to keep in the know when new items are released. We have some amazing experiences, such as:

Workout Like an NFL Pro with Football Stars Justin Jefferson, Leonard Fournette, D’Andre Swift & More at Kollective in Austin, TX

Private Workout & Meditation with Tone It Up Co-Founder Karena Dawn at Kollective in Austin, TX

Spiritual Reset with Tone It Up Co-Founder Karena Dawn at Her Villa Artique Residence on January 6 in Texas Hill Country

Virtual Corporate Wellness Workshop with Tone It Up Co-Founder Karena Dawn & Global Chief People Officer of Media.Monks James Nicholas Kinney

Private Dinner with Tone It Up Co-Founder, Karena Dawn in Texas Hill Country, Austin, TX

If you are interested in these experiences, we invite you to take a look at our Giving Campaign which offers a variety of fun incentives for your generous donations!

You can help the challenge by sharing on social media, making your own video and tagging #NotAloneChallenge and #TheBigSilence, bidding on an auction item, or making a donation

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Ellie Bartlett
Ellie Bartlett

Hello! My name is Ellie Bartlett and I’m an intern for Texas Physicians for Social Responsibility. We are hosting a free virtual continuing education event on June 24: “Climate Change and Mental Health: What to Know and What to Do.” featuring Dr. Jessica Isom from the Yale Department of Psychiatry and the American Psychiatric Association Assembly. She’ll present on actionable ways to incorporate mental health considerations into climate change plans.

It would strongly support this event if you would be willing to share PSR’s post with your following, or even like the post. I’ve attached a link to the event below, and please let me know if you are able to help in this way or if I can provide any additional information about PSR or the upcoming event.

Thank you so much!
Ellie Bartlett



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