Karena Dawn on Ever Forward Radio with Chase Chewning

Karena Shares her Journey from Tone It Up to The Big Silence with Chase Chewning on Ever Forward Radio

While Karena was in LA she took time to visit the Ever Forward Radio studio for a conversation that dives deep into Karena's life, discussing how fitness served as a beacon of hope during her darkest times and ultimately evolved into a thriving community that supports countless women across the globe. Karena also talks about how her fitness focus transformed and made room for an honest and open mental health journey. 


Karena Dawn in a green outfit for the cover photo of Ever Forward Radio podcast episode 771


In this episode, Karena explains...

  • Fitness can be a transformative tool for overcoming mental health struggles and finding joy
  • Silence and stillness allow self-reflection and confronting unspoken mental health issues
  • Shifting identities requires embracing change and listening to one's inner voice for personal freedom
  • Community and social connections are vital in personal growth and wellness journeys
  • Nutrition, hydration, and electrolyte balance are crucial for cognitive function and mental health
  • Caretaking involves complex emotions; self-care and empathy are essential for caretakers' well-being
  • Personal transformation often occurs through facing pain and loss, highlighting life's important lessons
  • Accessible mental health care through initiatives like "Therapy for All" can provide crucial support for those in need

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Thank you, Chase Chewning, for sharing The Big Silence story!

Chase Chewning is on The Big Silence Podcast

Karena's interview on Ever Forward Radio is a podcast swap! Don't miss out on Karena's conversation from when Chase came to Austin to have an open conversation in The Big Silence studioChase shares how he learned to pivot after these life-altering events, transitioning from military life back into civilian life, and enrolling in college at 24 to study exercise science. He  shares how becoming a health coach, supporting and inspiring others in their own healing journeys, led him to confronting trauma and pain he had pushed aside. 

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