Together We Fight to Prevent Suicide - September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Together We Fight to Prevent Suicide - September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Together We Fight to Prevent Suicide

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and we are inviting you to join us in the fight to prevent suicide. 

We recognize that suicide is too prevalent and only increasing every year. For the month of September, in collaboration with National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, we're seeking your support to raise $10,000 to help 100 people through our "Therapy for All" program. 

We're Inviting You to Help

We're inviting you to help us reach $10,000 through your donations and also by championing our cause through your peer-to-peer network. To help us reach our goals there is the option to create your own fundraising page for our campaign. We so appreciate your help to get the word out, and even have graphics for you to share. 

We'll also be sharing resources, tools, and answering your questions about suicide prevention and awareness all month long with special guests and experts on Instagram. We'll update weekly, so be sure to keep checking back in!

The campaign runs through September, and as a thank you for your support, we are awarding two Grand Prize winners. The top two individual raisers will be awarded an exclusive experience with Karena!

Become a donor or start your own fundraising campaign here.

More about The Big Silence Foundation:

The Big Silence is 501c3 non-profit foundation that cultivates conversations and offers resources and programs to destigmatize and change the culture around mental health. The foundation activates programs and tools to support people’s mental health journey from childhood to adulthood.

We create a 4 step process to support and uplift you on your mental health journey:

Self Awareness and Clarity 
Starting the conversation within yourself to understand what you are feeling and why 

Stress and Anxiety Management
Tools to help your treat and work through the stresses life can bring 

Strength and Flexibility 
The foundation for a healthy mind is a strong body 

Empathy and Listening
Understanding other peoples feelings and spreading positive energy 

What your contribution helps accomplish:

"Therapy for All" - working with a network of therapists to provide access to 1-1 talk therapy for people in need.

"Strength, Mindfulness, and Clarity" - youth program pairing physical and mental wellness.

"The Big Silence Podcast" - a top rated mental health and self development podcast opening up the conversation.

Live events - bringing communities togetherto make mental health cool and accessible.

Corporate Wellness- helping employers educate, attract, and retain their top talent through a culture of empowerment, growth, and mental wellness.

Website and Social Media platforms - provide a stigma-free zone where people feel safe to reach out and find help through our resources.

Speaking engagements open up the conversation and provide resources, education, and inspiration through schools and organizations.

More About Our September Fundraiser:

We know that mental health has become the biggest public health crisis that our world faces. In 2022 there were 49,449 people lost to suicide in the USA, an increase of approximately 2.6%. And there were a further 1.7M attempts. John Hopkins Bloomburg School of Public Health researchers found that suicide attempts and deaths plummet even years after treatment through therapy has ended, with 25% fewer repeat attempts and deaths among people who underwent short-term counseling after an attempt.

With our incredible network of mental health professionals we offer "Therapy for All" making 1:1 talk therapy accessible to people in need. Many have felt that therapy was a good investment, but even those whose care was covered in part by insurance reported concerns about continuing to afford it. Therapy for All is a therapy fund that alleviates the financial stress of getting treatment for people who are in need of these resources. 

We believe that anyone suffering with mental health issues deserves support Too many people live in areas where mental health support is unavailable or too costly. Moreover, people do not seek support because of the stigma, even though over 40% of Americans struggle with mental health. Two of the most common mental health disorders – anxiety and depression – cost the US economy $1 trillion every year. Mental health issues can affect people at any stage of life causing distress, dysfunction, and even death.

When you contribute as part of our campaign, you’re supporting a transformative solution to the mental health crisis in the United States.

We're inviting you to help us reach $10,000 to offer 100 therapy scholarships in honor of National Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month.

We recognize that suicide is too prevalent and only increasing every year. You're invited to make a difference with us, and to join our quest to help as many people as possible. Together we can make the world a more joyful and loving place.

 Give Now or Create Your Own Fundraising Page for The Big Silence Foundation's Campaign "Together We Fight to Prevent Suicide".

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The mental health foundation was founded in 2021 by Karena Dawn, a wellness entrepreneur and leading mental health advocate, based on her experiences growing up in a family impacted by mental illness (shared in her memoir, The Big Silence). It’s our goal to support people’s mental health journey from childhood to adult and to create a more joyful and loving place. 



This top mental health podcast features motivational real life conversations surrounding topics including addiction, trauma and PTSD, caring for loved ones with a mental health condition and more.


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Founder Karena Dawn shares her personal story in The Big Silence: A Daughter's Memoir of Mental Illness and Healing, shining a light on the eternal struggle we all share—how to move past the pain and suffering of our personal battles to experience life’s joys.