27. Being Big Sis: My Sister’s Voice & Perspective with Rachel Sahaidachny

My talented and beloved sister, Rachel Sahaidachny, runs the show here at The Big Silence and takes time to sit with us today for a deep dive sharing her perspective on the events and dynamics detailed in my memoir. In fact, we delve into a handful of great questions posed to me at a recent book club event (shout out to the TIU Books & Babes!).

We kick things off with a chat about her background in non-profit work and why it was so important, on both a tactical level and an emotional one, for us to join forces in this effort. Rachel shares what art means to her, and has meant, through her childhood. And, of course, we hold nothing back when it comes to reminiscing on our family life.

The questions posed are no softballs, to be sure. We get painfully honest in this one, about what we remember about our lives back then and what the events mean to us now. As much as my own perspective has been discussed, both on the show and in the book, what was it like to be the big sister during the hard times?


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