26. Schizophrenia, Sobriety & Making Art From It All with Emil Nava

Today’s guest on The Big Silence, Emil Nava, is an award winning director and out-of-this-world creative storyteller who’s worked with big brands, like GAP, and big names, like Alicia Keys and Pharrell. His specialty is film, music videos – kaleidoscopic and bursting with energy and color, his work is packed with expression and emotion.

In this one, we unpack where some of that inspiration was seeded. Emil lived a tough early life in London, getting in trouble a lot (sound familiar?). In fact, we learn that his father was also diagnosed with schizophrenia. The similarities in our experiences are both surprising, and not, at the same time. In years past, issues like these were not as visible as they are now.

Emil tells of his upcoming project, titled Snorkeling, which will cover youth and drug use. We also discuss how staying sober, practicing transcendental meditation, and eating well help him perform better in his work and keep the momentum going on his exciting nomad lifestyle.

In May, Emil joinedNumberStory.org as an Artist Ambassador for their #MyArtStory campaign to help spread the word that art can be a powerful healing tool. Most people don’t realize how childhood adversity and toxic stress can have long term impacts on our mental and physical health. It was important for Emil to help get the message out andshare his story to help others heal and find a brighter future.

NumberStory is the first national campaign to raise awareness about the impacts of childhood adversity, and is now focused on making a difference on a local level, starting with a grass-roots effort in Sacramento. For more information on overcoming childhood adversity, visitNumberStory.org.



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