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33. Learning How To Love Yourself with Gwen Dittmar

Our guest today is Gwen Dittmar, an incredibly gifted coach and spiritual psychologist. In fact, she’s my own personal coach, and her work has had a huge positive impact on my life since we first met in 2017 – helping me to align with my purpose and find balance within myself.

She works with entrepreneurs (like me) who struggle to identify that one important thing that’s missing from their lives, and big brands with the foresight to know that they need to see the big picture. She’s also a breathwork practitioner, the guiding voice that led our dear Bobby in such a visceral and heart-opening experience during his very first session.

As is usually the case when we work together, Gwen includes me and my own layers in many of the threads we discuss, including the nuances of inner child work, reparenting, and building one’s confidence as a means to bring volume and clarity to their soul’s true voice.

We learn that she’s always had mystic gifts, and that repressing them during her youth, as she understands it now, was a key influence to her later struggles with identity, alcoholism, and an addiction to success. Yes! We can totally be addicted to success in a negative way – even when it comes to fitness goals and sports achievements – and it’s a topic we spend some time unpacking through the lenses of both our lives.

We also do a deep dive on human design, break down differences in coaching vs. therapy and how they apply to her practice, and touch on the expanding world of psychedelic ceremony as a treatment method – Iowaska, MDMA, ketamine, and the like. Are they ethical with respect to sobriety? Safe or effective for everyone?

This and so much more in today’s fascinating episode of The Big Silence. Thanks for listening. 


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May 18, 2023


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