34. What if Mental Health Is Really Brain Health? With Dr. Daniel Amen

This one is all about reframing the negative, avoidant, and prescription-driven social programming around mental health, and more importantly, mental illness. Our guest today, Dr. Daniel Amen, asks a question that illustrates a fascinating contrast… What if brain health was mental health?

We parse vocabulary throughout the conversation, how words can mean so much when it comes between a person feeling hopeless in their symptoms and understanding that they are still in control of their health, no matter their diagnosis. 

He sheds light on a range of interesting subjects, from categorizing anxiety and depression into seven categories and a deep dive on reading brain scans, to the bombardment of subconscious illness messaging we face in our day-to-day lives and squishing the ANTs in our mind (automatic negative thoughts). 

Tweaking our mindset, changing our diets, moving our body – the smallest things can make the biggest difference in our brain health, and as a result, in our quality of life; sometimes it is that simple. Visit brainhealthassessment.com to take a brain assessment for yourself and learn more about your body’s most critical organ.


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