39. AMA: The Continued Evolution of Karena Dawn with Bobby Goldstein

Our ever-elusive co-host joins the show again today, this time, in the captain’s chair as Bobby Goldstein interviews his wife, New York Times bestselling author, and founder of The Big Silence, Karena Dawn. After all, it’s been nearly forty episodes since we caught up with our fearless host.

We learn how Karena has processed her mother’s passing, just over a year after the loss, unpacking her evolving experience with grief and trauma. She’s an open book from the jump in this one, tears included, admitting that she doesn’t miss her mom in a traditional sense, and the stress her presence brought about, but does miss her as a soul. 

Her healing remains complicated – the work, ongoing.

Naturally woven throughout the conversation, exactly as intended, are the main tenets and mission of The Big Silence Foundation. Karena takes this opportunity to delve further into the inspiration behind the organization and how it, and writing her book, have been therapeutic practices for her own soul. 

Of course, her troubled past comes into focus once again. She adds new lenses to the experience – some learned through interviews on this podcast, and some picked up in her own mental health journey.

Don’t miss a fun AMA session to bring us home as Karena and Bobby hash out celebrity hall passes, what to do with a messy boyfriend, compromise in relationship, and favorite romantic memories.



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