38. A Child of Magic: Going From Gangster to Goddess with Christine Olivia

38. A Child of Magic: Going From Gangster to Goddess with Christine Olivia


Frolicking nude in nature, giggling, sweating, even crying – there are a few things we can do as humans that deeply connect us to our inner child magic. My guest today, Christine Olivia, grew up in a toxic and unsafe environment. Shaped by that experience, she has learned to treasure the frolicking, to savor the laughter, and to always embrace the playful side of things.

Daydreaming as a kid that she’d be picked up by another family and taken in, her idea of family was broken once more at 22, when her estranged father committed suicide. Spending the rest of that decade numbing and distracting herself, she found yoga.

The peace she found on her yoga mat led her to become a teacher herself, to Bali, and to cacao – a superfood plant that she feels a deep connection to through her Guatemalan ancestral roots. Now, she’s devoted her life to ceremonial cacao practices, facilitating its spiritual healing properties.

Her new book is called A Child of Magic, and it goes deep into the critically important child work that we talk about so often on the show. Christine brings a calmness and warmth to this conversation that, contrasted with the traumas of her early experiences, give us all hope for what’s on the other side of what we might be going through.


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