46. Animal Power: Tapping Into Our Most Primal Positive Energies with Alyson Charles

46. Animal Power: Tapping Into Our Most Primal Positive Energies with Alyson Charles

Alyson Charles, rock-star Shaman and author of Power Animals, started running as a toddler, with her dad as her coach. Making the decision at a young age to suppress her true soul's purpose and calling to maintain a relationship with her dad, she went on to become a national champion athlete and D1 college coach. 

But as she describes it – she was winning, but lost.

Realizing that she had been allowing her physical vessel to be dishonored for almost two decades, her spiritual awakening began with leaving a toxic long term relationship, one wrought with sex addiction, and processing the grief that followed. 

She surrendered to a higher power and was shown the way.

We talk about creating a sacred altar space, listening to the whispers of your heart, and how Alyson’s path of healing brought her to her husband, Luke, and helped her find unity and trust where she thought she might never find them again.

We then dive into the whole-soul experience that is her breathtaking book, Animal Power, and the deep natural and ancestral energetics behind it. An initiatory labor of love that took many years to write, the book’s dynamic illustration work was done by an artist from Brazil, William Santiago, who tragically passed away soon after completing the book. 

We close with two pulls from the Animal Power Deck, visits from the Clam and the Kangaroo, as Alyson explains deeper meanings behind each being – their significance in this moment and the many to come.

Even if you’re just listening to the podcast today, Alyson’s presence can be felt in such a powerful and mystic way. We’re so glad she shared her frequency of evolution and perseverance with us. And if you’re watching on YouTube, you get a double dose of Animal Power – with special guest appearances by Tiki the Pomeranian. 




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