47. The Science of Wellness: Discovering the Minimum Method with Joey Thurman

Diagnosed with depression at the young age of thirteen, Joey Thurman’s journey as a young person was more challenging than he made it appear to the outside world as a multi-sport athlete. At home, though, his truth was laid bare as he threatened to commit suicide on many occasions.

We talk about his journey into the professional fitness space, a success story that sounds similar, and happened around the same time, as the launch of Tone It Up. Joey touches on lessons his childhood has presented for his own son’s life, and what signs other parents might look for in their children to know that they’re struggling. 

Of course, we also go deep on Joey’s new book, Minimum Method, and the custom-built heath modalities that serve as the outline for it. Commenting on cardio, weightlifting, macronutrients vs. micronutrients, sleep, and so much more – if you’ve been waiting for a fitness-focused pod to land in this feed, today is your lucky day.

Joey reminds us that, by accepting our feelings as they come in, we make sure to take a moment and appreciate what is, be thankful for what was, and put a positive lens on our outlook for the future.


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