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49. AMA: Learning to Celebrate Your Season with Karena Dawn

Today, we have a special mixed-AMA episode with a dear, dear friend of mine, Miya. Miya and I met at the gym and have been close friends for over twenty years – witnessing and supporting one another through the many seasons of our lives – the good, the painful, and everything in between.

We begin the episode with Miya’s learned experience with love and parenting, how she’s grown to place the utmost importance on her own personal self-worth before seeking it from anyone else. We then dig into a few listener-submitted questions from my Instagram:

  • What is your quick fix when your day is off?
  • Is lifting the quickest way to build muscle?
  • What skincare products do you use?
  • What’s your favorite thing about working out with a trainer?
  • How did you become a meditation teacher? 

I hope you enjoy this conversation between long friends, as we delve into some serious girl talk, get honest about gaining (and losing) weight, and unpack the complexities of dating and divorce.


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