50. What’s Not To Love? Saying It Out Loud with Vasavi Kumar

A first-generation immigrant raised on Long Island, NY, Vasavi Kumar is famous for “Saying It Out Loud.” She’s a former TV host, licensed therapist, and the creator of the Say It Out Loud Safe Haven, an online support community. She holds dual Masters degrees in Special Education from Hofstra University and Social Work from Columbia University.

Vasavi is an open book in this one, getting raw and honest about her lived experience in a way that allows others to take solace, and build hope, with regard to their own challenges. We talk about finding radical self-love, honoring your soul’s truth, and not letting things (money, achievements) define your worth as a person.

Her mission, and tagline, are very much aligned with our  mental health awareness efforts here at The Big Silence Foundation – a path she found herself on after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder at 19. Her upcoming book, Say It Out Loud will be published in May (Mental Health Awareness Month) of this year, but can be pre-ordered online, today:sayitoutloudbook.com.

The more voices we can add to the conversation, the better. So please feel free to share this episode with friends, family, even colleagues that you think might be interested in exploring new ways of thinking.




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