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53. Mind Over Matter: How to Build Mental Resilience through Fitness (Live at Kollective)

Today’s episode is a panel discussion from a fitness event in Austin at the Kollective social performance club featuring three inspirational trainers; Melissa Alcantara, aka Fit Gurl Mel, Jeremy Hills, founder of Kollective, and my personal trainer, Sandy Brockman. 

We talk about having a goal with your fitness regardless of your age to keep you accountable and engaged, advice for people new to fitness, how your mindset in the gym translates into your mindset in life, chasing the “hard” to be the best version of ourselves, what we’re manifesting, and so much more. 

One thing we all have in common is that we love fitness because of the mental health benefits of exercise and how it makes us feel. I’m excited for you to hear each of these fitness professionals talk about their relationship to exercise and how it impacts the ripple effects it has on their lives and mental health. 




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