52. Magic Mike: Spreading Smiles & A Magical Mental Health Message

Michael Webb is unlike any magician you’ve seen in person or virtually on zoom. As a full-time magician with 15 years experience, Sydney magician Magic Mike is a fun, easy going and approachable magician who caught my attention after I watched his inspirational mental health message on Australia’s Got Talent in 2022 that brought me to tears.

I loved talking to Mike about his mental health journey; from feeling alone in his struggle with depression to a coworker signing him up to see a doctor to spreading his message of hope and healing to audiences around the world. He shares how he got into magic and got his first job, what Mike loves about the personalized aspect of doing magic, and how his ability to make people smile and laugh helps him heal as well. 

I ask him if anyone can do magic, and get Mike’s advice for anyone struggling with their mental health. Plus, Mike showcases his skills with me virtually over the screen in this interview, and it’s pretty amazing, so if you can, make sure to watch this one on YouTube!




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