59. Sasha Pieterse on Knowing Your Value, Rejection Resilience, PCOS & Motherhood

I am so excited to have Sasha Pieterse-Sheaffer on the show. A passionate actress, author, and entrepreneur, she’s been an actress for 22 years with the privilege of working on some fantastic television shows and films, including the hit series Pretty Little Liars. 

She’s also the author of In Good Taste, a book inspired by her love of hosting and passion for healthy living. Sasha is a proud wife and mother (her favorite role) and most recently, podcast host!

We touch on all the juicy stuff in this one… Growing up in Hollywood and her experience as a child actor, how to speak your mind and #notbeanasshole, how she and her husband work together, body shaming in the public eye, her journey with PCOS, postpartum depression and motherhood, and what confronting rejection has taught her. 

Sasha's newest venture, the Women In The Nude podcast, is a passion project exploring the issues facing women today, from body positivity to mental health, sex, and more. Make sure to check it out later this summer.


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