61. Redefining Your Purpose with 2-time Olympian Trey Hardee


Today's guest, joining us live in The Big Silence studio, is Trey Hardee, 2-time World Champion and 2-time Olympian (Silver in 2012) in the Decathlon. Trey was the World’s #1 ranked Decathlete four times throughout his career while racking up 4 US titles. A 7-time All-American, he also set the Collegiate Record in the Decathlon – no big deal.

Trey is also an ambassador for Flatwater Foundation, a group dedicated to providing mental health therapies surrounding a cancer diagnosis, and a coach at my gym in Austin, the Kollective.

He retired in 2017 and this is a discussion about his journey from world's greatest athlete to a man without a purpose. We talk about how he handled defeat and rebounded from “failure,” overcoming injuries and cultivating mental toughness, the low point he hit after retirement and how he began seeking help, the treatment that changed everything for him and how he has found purpose in this new phase of life. 

Trey is now sharing his story in the hopes others will find solace, camaraderie, courage, and hope along their own journeys. I'm so happy to have him here and sit down and talk about lots of good stuff. Please enjoy and share with anyone you think needs to hear it.




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