63. Brain Breakthroughs: Investing in New Mental Health Technology with Dr. Amy Kruse

63. Brain Breakthroughs: Investing in New Mental Health Technology with Dr. Amy Kruse

Today’s guest Dr. Amy Kruse is the General Partner and Chief Investment Officer of Satori Neuro, a stage-agnostic venture fund focused on mental health, neurotechnology, and human flourishing. Amy leverages her decades of experience as a neuroscientist and her prior roles as an operator and a government program manager to discover transformational companies addressing the largest mental health, brain health, and wellness challenges and opportunities. She also draws on her expertise to support Satori Neuro’s portfolio companies as they evaluate and overcome scientific and implementation challenges, with a specific emphasis on deploying complex technology into real-world environments.

In this really cool conversation you’ll learn about the exciting work Dr. Amy is doing to invest in new brain and mental health technologies that will create more access and treatment options to those who need it. She shares the importance of sleep on brain health and how to improve your sleep hygiene. We also get into a super hot topic right now: mental health and psychedelics. Dr. Amy shares what the benefits are of using schedule one compounds in a therapeutic setting, the difference between or risks of experimenting with drugs recreationally, and what's really going to cause a revolution in access to mental health care. She also gives insight into what new technologies Satori Neuro is investing in now, and how we can go about addressing mental health deserts and make mental health care more accessible. Stick around to hear her top three tips for brain and mental wellness.




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