68. Falling into Fulfillment: Unraveling the Inspiring Story & Deep Impact of Jenna Phillips Ballard

68. Falling into Fulfillment: Unraveling the Inspiring Story & Deep Impact of Jenna Phillips Ballard


Jenna Phillips Ballard remembers experiencing severe depression as a teen, crippled by a fear of being misunderstood, bullied by classmates, ruminating on the experience of her own funeral. Then, she fell – suffering a traumatic head injury that would influence the rest of her life.

Today, we’re joined by a powerhouse woman, leader, coach, trainer, author, and now – musician! Jenna Phillips Ballard has worked with the biggest names in the entertainment industry (this conversation includes mention of Ben Stiller, Katy Perry, Blink 182, even Beyonce!).

During this time she was one of LA’s most sought-after fitness experts and a guest on shows such as Dr. Phil and The Doctors. She has been featured on KTLA, Good Morning LaLa Land, and The American Dream Show and featured in Lucky, Harper’s Bazaar, Allure, and Madame Figaro magazines.

In 2009, she discovered the world of emotional intelligence, experiential training, and somatic practices. She then realized she had a bigger calling and began studying human behavior, leadership, and a variety of transformational methods – co-founding Ascension Leadership Academy (ALA) with her husband in 2016. 

Together, they have coached thousands of people into their greatness and supported dozens of companies in multiplying their performance, effectiveness, and levels of success. In fact, her students are in the midst of a 15-day fundraising project after selecting The Big Silence as their beneficiary organization. Learn more about their program: Ascension Leadership Academy’s 15 day campaign to support The Big Silence.




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