69. Unmasking Resilience: From Messy Minds to Mental Mastery with Dr. Caroline Leaf

We are truly honored to welcome Dr. Caroline Leaf, a renowned communication pathologist, audiologist, and clinical and cognitive neuroscientist with an expertise in psychoneurobiology and metacognitive neuropsychology. For over four decades, Dr. Leaf has been at the forefront of mind-brain research, tirelessly exploring the profound ways our minds shape our brains, control our thoughts, and ultimately define our mental well-being. 

Drawing from her own rich history in the field, and as the host of the widely popular podcast of her own – Cleaning Up the Mental Mess – she has been instrumental in changing lives through her bestselling books, leading research, and innovative interventions. 

In this episode, we dive deep into topics like the changing landscape of mental health diagnosis, the uniqueness of every mind, the critical role of open discussions during tumultuous times like divorce, and the groundbreaking work behind the NeuroCycle app. We also touch upon empowering tools to communicate emotions, understanding the ripple effects of suppressed trauma, and equipping educators to better support both parents and students. 

Let's open our minds and hearts to the wisdom Dr. Leaf brings to the table. Remember to subscribe for more insightful discussions and share this episode with loved ones who might benefit from hearing it.




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