8. Find Your Grind & Find Yourself with Luke “The Dingo” Trembath

Luke Trembath, aka “The Dingo,” first came to America as an aspiring snowboarder, by himself, at the young age of 15 years old. Like many struggling with depression, he looked like the image of happiness and success. He masked his deep depression by putting a smile on his face every morning, but at night, his thoughts drifted back to dark places.

Luke’s brother got into drugs at a young age, and Luke got to see the dark side of that as he grew up. Tragically, his brother was lost to suicide in 2019.

Today, Luke knows the stress put on young kids to figure out what they’re going to do with their lives. He’s helping the next generation gain the self-awareness, clarity, and confidence to discover their own path.


“The Big Silence” theme song written and performed byJames Nicholas Kinney.

Executive Handyman, Bobby Goldstein.

The Big Silence is produced and published byCrate Media.

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