9. Creating a Better Relationship Between Food & Body with Yovana Mendoza

Yovana Mendoza is a successful wellness and healthy living entrepreneur who made her name on YouTube. Her personal health, starting with the decision to go all-out vegan, has gone on as wild a ride as her career has. 

After experiencing the kind of trauma no ten-year-old should ever face, Yovana developed serious eating disorders. The road to regaining trust – both in people and in food – was long and difficult. After documenting much of her dietary journey, some personal changes made for health reasons were exposed online, and the pressure of the aftermath was almost too much to bear. 

We talk about recovery on many different levels, how she took the first steps to trusting again, and how healing it was to reestablish the critical delineation between real life and social media.


“The Big Silence” theme song written and performed byJames Nicholas Kinney.

Executive Handyman, Bobby Goldstein.

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