Today, we have the honor of sitting down with Chase Chewning, an Army veteran and Certified Health Coach who has turned his life's adversities into a source of strength, both for himself and for countless others. 

After sustaining injuries that led to bilateral reconstructive hip surgeries, Chase faced the daunting task of learning to walk again, not once, but twice! This physical struggle coincided with an immense personal loss – the passing of his father to a terminal illness. These experiences, understandably, had a profound impact on Chase's mental health. 

In this episode, Chase shares how he learned to pivot after these life-altering events, transitioning from military life back into civilian life, and enrolling in college at 24 to study exercise science. He  shares how becoming a health coach, supporting and inspiring others in their own healing journeys, led him to confronting trauma and pain he had pushed aside. 

We also explore how he overcame his struggles with PTSD, finding relief through innovative methods like psychedelic assisted psychotherapy and ketamine treatments. 

Chase's story is a powerful example of how one can turn adversity into a purposeful life, inspiring others through his top-ranked Health & Fitness podcast, Ever Forward Radio, and his dedication to helping others "LIVE A LIFE EVER FORWARD." Let's dive in and be inspired by Chase Chewning's incredible journey of resilience and healing.

And – as always, don’t forget to check in on your friends this holiday season. In the spirit of support, I’ve teamed up with my friend Jewel again to spotlight the Not Alone Challenge throughout this often emotionally charged time of the year. Learn how you can join the fun:here.

(00:03:58) Chase’s Early Life & Military Career 

  • How long he planned to be in the military
  • What happened to pull him away?
  • His dad’s diagnosis and sudden passing
  • Chase’s mental health struggle through grief 
  • Military experience and achievements

(00:13:27) Suffering Career-Ending Injuries & The Long Road to Recovery

  • Career ending injuries and his recovery journey
  • Chase’s Russian language training
  • Moving on from the military

(00:19:04) Pivoting to Health Coaching & Healing In Community

  • Starting a new journey studying exercise science at 24 
  • The importance of community in healing
  • Transitioning out of military life and habits

(00:25:45) A Turning Point in Chase’s Mental Health Journey

  • How unresolved PTSD was showing up in his life
  • The ultimatum that led Chase to seek mental health support

(00:32:11) Finding Relief through Assisted Psychedelic Psychotherapy

(00:38:36) Profound Healing & Takeaways from PTSD Treatment

  • How addressing your mental health can impact your relationships
  • Paying just as much attention to your mental health as your physical health
  • Chase’s profound takeaway from ketamine treatment 
  • Reframing grief and learning to move forward

(00:48:54) Honoring His Dad’s Legacy: Ever Forward



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