Get ready to dive into an episode that's all about strengthening your intuition and embracing your best self with Alexis Artin. She's not just a leading growth coach; she's a powerhouse in the world of female embodiment, and she's here to share her incredible journey and tips for strengthening the mind-body-heart-soul connection.

Alexis is a master at blending fitness trends with deep, transformative self-care. From her days in Hollywood to becoming a leader in female empowerment, she's got some amazing stories about personal development, letting go of self-judgements and limiting beliefs, how to truly connect with your inner strength and build resilience.

Alexis is also a main brain behind Soulsway Practice, an innovative approach to fitness that's all about meditation, mindfulness, connecting to your sensual side and getting in touch with your body on a deeper level. Think of it as your guide to merging mental wellness with physical fitness, which I am so excited to try.

So get ready for some real talk on how to tune into your intuition, make those big career changes, really align your reality with your soul’s purpose, and make self-improvement a fun and fulfilling adventure. And if you enjoy this conversation with Alexis, check out her new podcast, Look At Me Now!

(00:06:17) From Hollywood Secret Weapon to Female Embodiment Coach

  • How Alexis ended up in Hollywood
  • Her career journey and how she became a secret weapon in the industry
  • How studying psychology benefited her career

(00:11:21) Advice for Following Your Intuition & Making a Career Switch

  • Recognizing nonverbal cues and their connected to intuition
  • Why Alexis left Hollywood for the embodiment community
  • Advice for anyone considering leaving their career

(00:17:14) How to Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Body

  • What is an embodiment coach?
  • How to take inventory of your relationship with your body
  • The soul-body paradox philosophy
  • Highlighting the superpower of resilience

(00:28:20) Soulsway’s Embodiment, Meditation, Mindfulness, & Sensual Fitness Classes

(00:44:00) Look At Me Now: The Inspiration Behind Her New Podcast

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