Katie Horwitch is a writer, speaker, mindset coach, and women’s empowerment activist. She’s also the founder of WANT: Women Against Negative Talk, a platform that gives women tips, tools, motivation, and inspiration to live fearlessly. And she’s back for another conversation on the podcast, this time visiting The Big Silence studio in person.

Touring in Austin to promote her book, Want Your Self, Katie and I take this opportunity to go even deeper into subjects we covered in October – and crack open a few interesting new ones, too. Starting with a rewind to trace her shift from fitness to self-development, we touch on her writing process, dating lessons, and life as an introvert in New York City.

Of course, we hop around tips and takeaways from the book, as well – delving into her embodiment journey, tips for telling the difference between intuition and triggered suspicion, reframing failure when it comes to your 2024 goals, and so much more.

Katie is raw and honest in the retelling of her ups and downs – as she says, always doing her best to represent her most true self. I’m so thankful she was able to join the show again, and hope you enjoy Part 2 of our inspiring and educational conversation.

(00:06:58) Catching Up With Katie Horwitch

(00:14:57) Finding Confidence in Community

  • Taking inspiration from Katie’s musical theater background
  • How Karena has made friends at the gym
  • Using social media to build a support system
  • Learning to trust yourself

(00:26:35) Falling Off the Wagon: How to Reframe Failure

  • Exploring the origin of the word “overwhelm”
  • Katie considers her recurring tidal wave dream
  • Managing overwhelm in the new year
  • Learning to discard binary good/bad self-judgements
  • Leveraging a training mindset to keep yourself on track

(00:36:29) Settling Into the Frequency of a New Home

  • Karena celebrates (almost) five years in Austin
  • Moving Katie’s WANT project to New York City
  • Being an introvert in The Big Apple

(00:43:02) Motivational Mindset Tips for Creative Writers

  • From initial notes to representation and publishing
  • A conversation around self-worth
  • What are my non-negotiables within myself?
  • Reframing comparison to others
  • Self-publishing vs. securing representation
  • Karena’s therapeutic writing process

(00:52:33) Embodying Self: Past, Present & Future

  • Honoring the person you are on the inside
  • Katie’s spirituality practice

(00:56:49) Intuition vs. Triggered Suspicion

  • Predictions and patterns in your brain
  • Katie tells a relationship story about her intuition
  • Giving yourself credit for exhibiting bravery
  • Katie and Karena share eHarmony stories
  • Want Your Self by Katie Horwitch

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