12. Evolving Out Loud with Kyle Cease: The World of Spiritual Healing and Personal Evolution

Kyle Cease was a comedian at the top of his career before something shifted. He realized that living his dream life – or what he believed to be his dream life – only made him more miserable. As he began to explore this, he stepped away from everything he knew to dive into the world of spiritual healing and personal evolution, first for himself, and then sharing with the world what he discovered.

In this episode, he coaches me through an evolutionary process, helping me move away from past traumas and step more fully into the Karena I am today. It’s a powerful look at what it means to evolve out loud and demonstrates what’s possible for any of us out there if we commit to doing the work.

What Is Evolving Out Loud?

After leaving his career as a comedian, Kyle dedicated his life to helping others, which led to the creation of Evolving Out Loud, a growing community of more than 400 thousand members, all of whom are seeking their own personal transformation.




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Katrina Godinez

Katrina Godinez

May 08, 2022

A good friend sent me your book. I just realized that I suffer from the same schizophrenia as your mother. I understand all her behavior… But I’ve never seen it from the other side. Really hard to read… I cried through most of it. I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety, mood disorders, but never schizophrenia. My house, as described as your mothers cottage, that’s my house. What am I supposed to do now?

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