14. The Big Silence LIVE: Houston with Yami Mufdi

The Big Silence book release tour has landed in beautiful Houston, Texas, where Yami Mufdi, an inspiring Tone It Up fitspo trainer in her own right, joins me to preview this deeply personal memoir, its painful stories, and its important lessons. 

I share how I first learned of my mother’s schizophrenia diagnosis – only after she disappeared for long stretches of time, forgetting she had a family at all. We close the loop on her story, even just for one day, by recounting one of the last conversations I shared with her, in hospice care, explaining how this nonprofit organization was dedicated to her and her struggle.

We also unpack the power of visualization (Hint: a vision board led Yami to her current position with Tone It Up) before discussing the grounding power of nature, a beginner’s guide to meditation, and my own positive experience integrating a cold plunge practice into my wellness routine. 

Many laughs and tears are shared. Big thanks to Yami for coming out on short notice to host this conversation and shed her bright light onto this important project. See you on the road!


“The Big Silence” theme song written and performed byJames Nicholas Kinney.

Executive Handyman, Bobby Goldstein.

The Big Silence is produced and published byCrate Media.

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