15. The Big Silence LIVE: Indianapolis with Leslie Bailey of Indy Maven & Maven Space

We’re home! Rachel and I were so excited to get together in our hometown of Indianapolis for this special leg of The Big Silence book launch tour. For this extra family-centric episode, Rachel kicks us off with a reading of some of her beautiful poetry from the book.

We’re joined by the uber-prepared Leslie Bailey, who’s building something fantastic of her own in Indianapolis as the co-founder and CEO of Indy Maven and the brand new venue where we recorded this interview, Maven Space, a coworking and social club for women. 

We start with my childhood here in Indiana, where the bad influences (and bad behavior) first surfaced, before detailing my journey to California, rock-bottom inspiration for Tone It Up, and five-year writing process.

Special guest: my dad! My loving father also steps up to the stage to add a professional therapist’s perspective on a few brave audience questions – and to add poignant personal comments to a few stark themes and stories from the book.


“The Big Silence” theme song written and performed byJames Nicholas Kinney.

Executive Handyman, Bobby Goldstein.

The Big Silence is produced byCrate Media.

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