21. Putting in the Work: How The Fitness Marshall Manages ADHD with Caleb Marshall

YouTube and social media fitness star, Caleb Marshall, AKA, The Fitness Marshall, joins The Big Silence today to talk about his life long experience with ADHD and how he manages it with regard to both his career and his personal relationships. 

We connect over our shared Indiana roots and celebrate his recent engagement before going deep on his inspiring journey turning a college hobby into a wildly popular content stream that empowers people to move and have fun all over the world. His story begins, like mine, with going back to what made him truly happy – moving his body! 

A huge advocate for therapy, we hear about the impact that finding a therapist with a similar life experience has had on him – and how he went about finding one in his area (it wasn’t easy). 

Caleb teaches us that acceptance is the most powerful tool we have, that only once we can come to terms with a truth, in his case, a liberating adulthood diagnosis of ADHD, we can truly move forward and leverage it as an advantage.


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