23. You Don’t Have to Suffer for Your Art with Lindsey Morgan

Lindsey Morgan was one of the lead actors on the TV show, The 100, and the reboot of Walker, Texas Ranger. In this episode, we discuss how success doesn’t always translate into happiness – and the dangers of expecting it to. So many people feel guilty when they hit their goals but still don’t feel happy or fulfilled. 

We’re here to tell you that what you may be experiencing is normal, that it is okay, and that there is nothing wrong with you. 

We unpack the ways Lindsey was pouring her trauma and pain into her acting instead of processing it, how she came to understand the stress that this was putting on her, and some of the resources she’s used to begin to heal. If you need help dealing with codependent people in your life, Lindsey recommends the organizations and resources below which can give you the support you need.

We discuss:

  • [00:07:18] Opening, and why Lindsey pulled her first episode on the podcast
  • [00:10:44] Lindsey’s career backstory
  • [00:22:49] Arriving to LA, and early days of her acting career
  • [00:30:05] Lindsey’s home life
  • [00:40:51] Depression during her career, and how that played into her role
  • [00:52:18] Body image, and weight expectations of actresses
  • [01:01:20] Next acting gig on CW’s ‘The 100’
  • [01:17:03] Lindsey’s mental health practices
  • [01:34:13] Stored trauma, identifying it, and how it manifests
  • [01:44:39] Takeaways from healing at the Hoffman Institute
  • [01:53:44] Lindsey’s meditation practice
  • [02:04:48] Next steps, and getting back to work


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