24. Your Story is Your Power with Isa Watson

Isa Watson is the founder and creative powerhouse behind the Squad app, an upstart tech brand that promises to use the devices in our pockets for good – for deeper connection with others. She joins the show today to talk about her mental health experience as an entrepreneur in a male-dominated space, the app and its mission, and her traumatic wakeup call – a tragic accident in which she lost her father.

Isa, just like all of us working through trauma, still takes small steps each and every day to cope and learn from her experiences with loss and grief. Instead of allowing it to weigh her down, Isa celebrates her story, even explaining how she leans into it in business settings as a means to demonstrate her true and honest self.

It’s another important reminder that the work doesn’t end, but only grows in depth over time. Please enjoy this moving episode. And, thank you, Isa, for sharing such personal pieces of yourself for this audience to absorb and learn from.


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