25. Create a To-Be List (Not a To-Do List) with Monica Berg

Today's guest is Monica Berg. She's an international speaker, spiritual thought leader, the author of Fear Is Not An Option and Rethink Love, and the host of the Spiritually Hungry podcast. She joins us for an extra special episode as my husband and The Big Silence Executive Handyman, Bobby Goldstein, sits with me for a mini therapy session that’s revealing, honest, and at times, a little uncomfortable. 

No one said the good work would be easy, after all. Still, it’s important to share these kinds of moments. No relationship is perfect and that’s okay. Monica walks us through some thought exercises with regard to our relationship and opens a few doors that have us thinking we’ll go back to her in the future. 

As mental illness also runs in her family, we share and compare our experiences with the very real social stigma of the generation. She gives listeners a few powerful questions to keep top of mind as a grounding practice throughout the day, dishes on self-parenting in a special needs household, unpacks the root of fear within us, and drops three tips for maximizing your potential:

  • Appreciation for waking up (gratitude practice)
  • Intentions (of what you want the day to be)
  • Include an aspect of kindness and sharing within your day

We also talk about her new children's book coming out in October, The Gift of Being Different (pre-order below), and she has a great story about her own children that she shares in the podcast – no spoilers!


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Executive Handyman, Bobby Goldstein.
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