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36. When We Break Down, We Break Through with Dr. Neeta Bhushan


Dr. Neeta Bhushan is a well-known speaker, entrepreneur, and podcaster (check out episode 79 of The Brave Table). She’s also the author of That Sucked. Now What?, hitting bookstores in January. But before she was the evolved and expanded version of Neeta that she is today, she faced a truth that would change everything, forever. 

We talk about that day, and the painful years that preceded it – a complicated journey and family dynamic that sounds a whole lot like my own. We go deep on her experience moving down a dark road of loss and grief as a young person after the tragic deaths of her mother, younger brother, and father in a three-year span.

She coped with the trauma by overachieving, overworking, overcompensating, and overgiving. She became a performer for anyone who would watch, a caregiver to her other brother – roles and responsibilities that would tie her into knots about who she was, and could become.

Her path to spiritual healing (featuring a vivid Ayahuasca experience), and escape from an abusive relationship, provide ample inspiration that anyone can better themselves, that anyone can better their environment, if they commit to the work – and to making a few tough decisions along the way.

Neeta leaves us with actionable tips from her book on processing stress and anxiety. We’re embracing the suck, anchoring our emotion, dancing like dinosaurs, and releasing it all back into the world as positive energy. I can’t wait for you to hear this one.


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