37. Living Life in the Beautiful Greys with Mary Lawless Lee

The truth is, life’s not black and white. Today, we’re embracing the greys. And this means so much more than your favorite muted fall fashion tones.

Mary Lawless Lee is a mother, writer, entrepreneur, and creator. She’s the author of Happily Grey, a book about in-between living – and she’s our guest on today’s episode of The Big Silence. We start by unpacking the inspiration and meaning behind her catchphrase, the moment she realized she was stuck, and how that realized truth led to a divorce, and evolution, at the age of twenty-six.

This one’s all about self-discovery, as Mary describes her path back to writing, how the practice serves as a meditation in her daily routine. In the spirit of writing, we also reframe some weighty language – as we agree that bringingadventure into your life doesn’t need to mean traveling the world, and thatmom-guilt has no place in an honest reality. 


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