72. Connect With Your Inner Knowing: A Revealing Conversation with Kimberly Van Der Beek & Peggy Rometo

I am thrilled to welcome Kimberly Van Der Beek and Peggy Rometo to the show. Recently, I chatted with them on their amazing podcast, Bathroom Chronicles, instantly falling in love with their warm energy, vulnerability, and deep insights. I know you will too!

Peggy is a spiritual teacher and world-renowned energy expert who helps others discover their intuitive gifts. Kimberly was a strategic advisor, producer, and activist before marrying actor James Van Der Beek, having six children, and moving their family to a ranch outside of Austin. From the ranch’s rustic bathroom, Kimberly and Peggy co-host Bathroom Chronicles, which gives a microphone to the honest, hilarious, and revealing conversations women have in the bathroom. 

In today’s episode, we have a revealing conversation of our own. We talk about how Peggy and Kimberly met (at the same retreat Kimberly met James) and how they sustain and strengthen their friendship through the ebbs and flows of lived experiences. 

Peggy gives advice for tapping into your psychic gifts and explains what Mercury Retrograde really means. Kimberly vulnerably shares her experience with pregnancy loss in the public eye. Then, they both reveal their secrets to staying positive during challenging times. You won’t want to miss this one, and make sure you catch my episode on Bathroom Chronicles, too! 

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