73. You Can Transform the World: An Unforgettable Conversation with Marianne Williamson

It is a great honor to have bestselling author, spiritual leader, and 2024 presidential candidate Marianne Williamson on the podcast. She has changed millions of lives – including mine, I have been following her work since I started my own spiritual journey in my 20s – and she continues to do so every day with her deep passion and purpose for healing our world. 

In this dynamic, thought-provoking conversation, Marianne and I talk about how we as individuals can impact the collective. We explore the intersectionality of mental health, how to protect America’s youth, how to bring less fear into politics, and ways to create a more compassionate society. 

Marianne also speaks on the importance of owning your inner light as a means to enlighten others, believing we each have the power, and the responsibility, to bring light into the darkness. “There are forces in the world that would bring you down, and there is a spirit in us all that would lift us up.” That is her message to the community today. 

She embodies that spirit and inspires it in all of us. This conversation is truly life changing, and I can’t wait for you to hear it!  

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