77. Secrets of a Top Trainer: Fitness Motivation & Finding Inner Strength with Eric Rakofsky

Personal trainer and amateur boxer, Eric Rakofsky, has always been a fighter. After a challenging upbringing and losing his father at a young age, Eric found purpose in his passion for fitness. He now helps his clients – including influential CEOs and supermodels – connect with their inner strength, in and out of the gym.

Eric is also a trainer at my favorite gym in Austin, The Kollective. I’m excited to share his story today.

In this episode, Eric opens up about his childhood in Brooklyn and how he processed grief following his father’s death. He shares how he discovered freedom and healing in movement. We talk about how to shift out of a victim mentality, and get Eric’s valuable advice to stay present through life’s challenges. 

He also tells us about his recent treatment for thyroid cancer and the important life lessons that experience taught him. Plus, tune in for his tips on how to get started on a fitness journey, ways to find motivation after a break from exercise, and the secrets to being a leading personal trainer. 

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