Today’s episode is for anyone who loves to sing and dance. We’re joined by the remarkable Maryn Azoff, a classically trained singer and much more – a spirit lifter, soul emancipator, and fear crusher.

Maryn empowers people globally through her Vocal Transformation Method, teaching the transformative power of the human voice. Maryn's method blends ancient wisdom and vocal techniques from diverse cultures, reawakening the body-mind-spirit connection.

In this conversation, we explore Maryn’s journey to discovering her voice and passion for singing as she shares insights on our innate vocal instincts from birth, the transformative power of our voice, and techniques for recognizing and releasing trauma in the body. She also dishes on advice for anyone struggling with anxiety, self-confidence or confronting fears around not being “good enough” – leaving us with breathing technique tips to shift our nervous system state.

Maryn teaches us how to use our voice to connect with the earth and heal ourselves, reminding us that our inner child has so many gifts to explore if we allow them the chance. She empowers us with the knowledge that we’re capable of more than we give ourselves credit for.

I’m excited to add voice to my mental health tool box, and for those interested, I recommend looking into Maryn’s courses and retreats for a deep dive into this incredible healing art form.

(00:05:44) Maryn’s Journey to Finding Her Voice & Healing Childhood Trauma

  • Falling in love with singing and becoming a professional
  • How voice has the ability to heal your body
  • Redefining herself through using her voice
  • Navigating childhood trauma

(00:10:09) Understanding Our Natural Instincts To Use Our Voice

  • Where our urge to cry comes from and the intelligence of the body
  • The power of our voice to create our reality
  • Recognizing the outside world influence in our ability to use our voice

(00:16:53) How To Recognize if You’re Holding Trauma in Your Body

  • How Maryn’s work unblocks your voice
  • Explaining the chakra centers and 7-year life cycles
  • How breathing through your diaphragm can shift your nervous system state
  • Where mental disease comes from

(00:24:28) How To Create a Vibrational Cleaning With Your Voice

  • The first step for using your voice to start healing
  • How mantras are used to charge energy centers
  • Embracing our ability to self-heal with childlike freedom

(00:32:07) Maryn’s New Vocal Workout for Self-Expression

  • A new technique for using your vocal muscles as an expression
  • How long vocal transformation can take
  • Online Workshops with Maryn: vocaltransformation.com/workshops

(00:35:30) Embracing All We Are Capable of Through Vibrational Healing

  • Maryn’s number one tip for anxiety
  • How our voice chakra is connected to our relationship with our mother
  • Using breath to become more confident and grounded
  • Giving yourself permission to be on this earth and to be welcomed here

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